Gradescope Integration in Sakai (Faculty)

You can watch a short video tutorial on how to integrate Gradescope and Sakai here: LMS Integration
The video uses Canvas as an example, but the steps are the same.

Step 1. Add the Gradescope tool to your Sakai course


  1. Go to Site Info/Manage Tools in your Sakai course site.

  2. Scroll down to the bottom of the screen and click the triangle next to External Tools to
    expand it.

  3. Select “Gradescope Pomona” and click Continue. Then click Finish.


Step 2. Login to Gradescope and create a Gradescope course site

You can access Gradescope by clicking the Gradescope tool in Sakai. If you have never used
Gradescope before, clicking the tool will automatically create a Gradescope course for you
with the same name as the Sakai course site. Gradescope will use the email address in your
Sakai account profile as your username and will also automatically send you an email with
a link to set your password.

Because the Gradescope course is linked to the course site in Sakai, your account will use
the email address in your Sakai account profile. If you already have a Gradescope account
that uses an email address that is different from the one in Sakai, you may get an error
message and may not be able to see the Gradescope course that is linked to the Sakai site.
You can fix this problem by contacting to merge your accounts.

Step 3. Linking an existing Gradescope course to Sakai


  1. If you already have a Gradescope account and have already created a course site in
    Gradescope you can link that Gradescope site to your course site in Sakai.

  2. Inside your Gradescope course, click “Course Settings,” then click the “Link” button
    under “Sakai Course” to choose the Sakai site to which you want to connect your
    Gradescope site. Once you have linked your Gradescope course site to your Sakai site
    you will be able to import your Sakai roster into Gradescope, and you can send grades
    from Gradescope back to the Sakai gradebook tool.

  3. If you have trouble linking to your Sakai site from within Gradescope, try linking the
    sites from the Sakai Gradescope LTI tool. See Step 2 above.


Step 4. Sync your Sakai roster

To add the full roster from your chosen Sakai site, click “Roster” in the left menu in
Gradescope, then click “Sync Sakai Roster” in the middle of the right-hand page. Be sure to
select the option to send an email notification to your students. They will get a welcome
message with their account information and a link to reset their password.

Please do not use the Entry Code option as that will not link their accounts with their Sakai


If students already have a Gradescope account that uses an email address that is different
from the one in Sakai, they can contact to merge their accounts.

Step 5. Create an assignment


  1. Important note: Do NOT create gradebook items in Sakai for assignments that you
    want to link from Gradescope. Gradescope can NOT link to already existing Sakai
    gradebook items. It will automatically create a new Sakai gradebook item for you. If
    you already have a gradebook item with the same name, Gradescope will create a new
    item with a name that has random numbers after it. You will not be able to change the
    name after it’s been created. So if you have already created gradebook items in the
    Sakai gradebook you should delete them before linking your Gradescope assignments
    to Sakai. You should also wait until you are sure you have finished editing your
    Gradescope assignment since changes to the points will not be updated in Sakai after
    you’ve linked them. You can still create Sakai gradebook items for
    assignments/quizzes/exams that are not in Gradescope. You can also still organize the
    gradebook items with Categories and Weighting in Sakai after they have been linked.

  2. Go to the course dashboard and click “Assignments (left menu) > Create Assignment
    (bottom menu).”

  3. Upload the PDF template of your assignment and select the appropriate options.

  4. Create the grading outline by drawing colored rectangles for name, student ID, and
    answer regions, as necessary.

  5. To link the assignment with the Sakai gradebook you’ll need to click the Link button
    under Sakai Gradebook Item as seen below in the Assignment Settings. Gradescope
    can’t link to items that have already been created in the Sakai Gradebook, but it will
    create a new gradebook item for you.


Step 6. Manage student submissions

Both students and instructors can upload assignments and exams. We recommend
instructors upload the exam submissions, for better quality control on the scanned
submissions. We have student documentation that includes instructions for how to scan
paper submissions to PDFs using either the student printers on campus or a smartphone
app called CamScanner.


Video: Scanning

Step 7. Grade student submissions


  1. From your course, click “Assignments” (left menu) and select the assignment you wish
    to grade.

  2. Click, “Grade Submissions” on the left.

  3. Select the question you wish to grade.

Step 8. Publish grades to Sakai

The Gradescope integration with Sakai will allow you to publish grades directly to your
Sakai site. After grading all of the submissions click on “Review Grades” on the left toolbar
and you will be able to click the “Post Grades to Sakai” button at the bottom of the screen as
shown below.