Gradescope for Students

Setup your Gradescope account

After your instructor has added you to the Gradescope course, you should receive a
welcome email from Gradescope with your login information. You’ll need to use the
password reset link to reset your password.

Merging multiple Gradescope accounts

Because the Gradescope course is linked to the course site in Sakai, your account will use
the email address in your Sakai account profile. If you already have a Gradescope account
that uses an email address that is different from the one in Sakai, you can contact to merge your accounts.

Accessing your Gradescope course

You can access Gradescope by going directly to their home page at, or you can access the Gradescope course site through the
Gradescope tool in Sakai.

How to Submit

Submitting your PDF on Gradescope


  1. Go to and log in with the email address your instructor used to add
    you to the course. If you don’t think you have an account, ask your instructor to add
    you to the course, or email

  2. On Your Courses page, select the course for which you’re submitting work.

  3. On your Courses page, you will see all of your current assignments. Click on the
    assignment you are turning in.

  4. Click Submit PDF > Click Select PDF > locate the correct file on your computer > Click
    Upload PDF.

  5. Your last step is to tell your instructor which page corresponds to each question on the
    assignment. You will see a list of all the assigned problems, and images of all your
    scans. For each question click the page that contains your answer.

  6. Now click save. You will be sent to a new page to view your submission. Once you see
    this page and your scan looks good, you’re done!




Scanning on Student Printer

  1. Place the document face down on the scanner glass. Align the edge of the document
    with the alignment guide.

  2. Close the printer lid.

  3. On the printer control panel, touch Email.

  4. Touch the To: field and type the recipient email address. Touch OK. Touch the subject
    field, and type the email subject. Touch OK.

  5. Touch the Start button on the printer to scan and send the email.