How to Configure Cengage OWL on Sakai

  • Part one of this page will cover how to add the Cengage OWL tool on Sakai.

  • Part two will cover how to edit your Cengage OWL configuration on Sakai.

Part One: How to configure a new Cengage OWL tool on Sakai

Step 1: Go to the site where you would like to add the tool. (If you intend to use the Sakai
Ubersite feature, you need to have your Ubsersite created before you create the OWL tool.)


Step 2: In the left menu click “Site Info” then “Manage Tools” near the top.


Step 3: Next you will see a long menu, look for the “External Tool” and check box it.


Figure 1


Step 4: Scroll to the very bottom and click continue.


Figure 2


Step 5: Next you need to name the tool, let’s go with “Cengage OWL” then click “Continue”.


Figure 3


Step 6: Confirm the addition of the tool. Then the tool will be in the left menu.


Figure 4


Step 7: Click the tool in the left menu.


Figure 5


Step 8: You will get a message that the tool has not been configured. You need to configure by
clicking the “Edit” button as seen in Figure 6.


Figure 6

Step 9: Next you are presented with the configuration page. Please continue to part two to learn how to edit the configuration.

Figure 7


Part Two: How to edit your configuration


Step 1: Click on the “Cengage OWL” tool in the left menu.

Figure 8

Step 2: When you launch the tool, it will open a new window. Go back to the Sakai window. You will
see a message like the one in Figure 9. Click the “Edit” button and you will be taken to an edit

Figure 9

As of August 2020, these are the configuration variables that we are using.

*Remote Tool Url:
*Remote Tool Key: BLTI-223201

*Remote Tool Secret: jL7KRBLSeZST0BVc

If these configurations do not work, then you need to call Cengage support at 1-866-267-4986.
ITS does not have the above configuration variables.

Step 3: Now you will see a page full of configurations. Edit as needed. Figure 10 highlights the
important options.


Figure 10


Step 4: Finally click “Update Options” and re-test the tool.


For more assistance, please contact Cengage Support: 1-866-267-4986