How to add Pomona users to your Slack channel

How to add Pomona users to your Slack channel

  1. First, the person needs to sign-up for a Slack account by visiting and getting signed in.  Then they browse the available workspaces, and request to join their respective workspace. For Student specific instructions, click here  

  2. Ensure your channel is shared out to other Pomona workspaces -> click here

  3. Start in the desired channel, and click the Information button for Details

4. From the Detail view, click Add

5. For smaller numbers of invitees (like other faculty or staff in your department), just begin typing their first name and pick the proper match from the resulting list.

  1. For a larger list of invitees (like an entire course roster), you can copy & paste a list of names (First Last) or Pomona e-mail addresses ( into the box and Slack will match those with existing Slack users.  Your course roster is available on the Instructors tab of the Pomona portal.