Outlook Web App (Webmail) for Pomona College Office 365 account

The Outlook Web App (Webmail) is the easily and quickest way to check your Pomona College Office 365 account.  You can use the Outlook Web App in most web browsers on Windows, Mac, iOS, Android and other internet connected devices.

  1. The Outlook Web App, open up a web browser and go to http://mymail.pomona.edu

  2. To login: Students and Alumni, enter your username inform of username@MyMail.pomona.edu (e.g., ces02012@mymail.pomona.edu). Faculty and Staff, enter your username inform of username@pomona.edu (e.g., ces02012@pomona.edu).Then, click 'Next'.

  3. Enter your password, click 'Sign-in' NOTE: The first time you log into the Outlook Web App, you will need to set your preferred Language and Time zone for the account in the drop-down boxes provided.

  4. Then, click 'Save'.

  5. You will be asked if you would like to stay logged in.  You can select your own personal preference. NOTE:  The most secure response is 'No'.

  6. By default, Outlook will open in Focused Mode, a new feature, which will sort your mail into two categories: Focused and Other. Your most important messages will be displayed in the Focused tab. All other messages will be displayed in Other.

  7. To turn off Focused Mode if you do not want to utilize this feature, click Filter and uncheck Show Focused Inbox

  8. To view your mail folders, click your full folder list, click More

  9. You are now ready to access your mail.

To see other options available to you in the Outlook Web App, click on the Office 365 Dashboard.