Passwords Requirements

Forgotten Password

If you forgot your password, go to:

The Password Manager does not work correctly with Google Chrome. Please use Firefox, Internet Explorer, or Safari.

Log in with your username, and select “Answer personal questions”

You will be prompted with security questions that you set up with your Pomona account. Answer them correctly, and the system will let you reset your password.

If answering the security questions doesn’t work, or you’ve forgotten the answers, ITS can reset your password for you — just come to the Service Desk with your ID. ITS cannot reset your password without proper identification.

Password Requirements

To protect your account, and for the security of everyone on the network, Pomona passwords must meet the following minimum requirements:

  • it cannot contain your account name

  • it cannot contain more than two consecutive letters of your full name

  • it must be at least eight characters long

  • it must contain at least three of the following four:

    • uppercase characters (A-Z)

    • lowercase characters (a-z)

    • digits (0-9)

    • non-alphanumeric characters (for example, !$#,%)

Passwords expire after 180 days, at which point they must be changed.

Password Creation Tips

How to come up with secure passwords every three months? Here’s how!

Think of a memorable sentence: My very big dog smells like dill pickles!
Take the first letter of each word: Mvbdsldp!
Then replace a few characters: Mvbd$ldp!


  • “I am taking an underwater basket weaving class!” = Imt4ubwc!

  • “But WHY do we need such strong passwords?” = BYdwnssp?

  • “Trust me, it’s for your own good.” = TM,it’s4yog.