Licensed Software

Pomona College owns site licenses for all of the following programs.

Microsoft Windows

Pomona College owns site a license for the Windows operating system. Due to the nature of our license, we can only install Windows on a computer that had a previous legal version installed on it at one time.

Pomona College students who buy a new computer must make sure that it comes with a version of Windows installed or ITS won’t be able to help. Students may come to the Service Desk or call (x18061 or 909-621-8061) for an upgrade. If you aren’t sure whether your hardware can support an upgrade, please send a message to the ITS Service Desk ( include the made/model number of your hardware.

Students with Intel-based Macintosh computers who want a dual-boot option with Windows 7 (Apple Boot Camp) can request the installation from ITS. However, you must obtain your own copy of Windows 7 first, which you can get for free from after showing them proof of current enrollment.

Note for Faculty & Staff: ITS will not install Windows on personally owned computers.

Microsoft Office Professional (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.)

Pomona owns a site license for Microsoft Office for both PC and Mac.

Microsoft Office Professional is automatically installed on all Pomona College owned computers (Faculty, Staff and lab computers).