Equipment Lending

The ITS Equipment Loaner Pool is available to Pomona College faculty, staff and students for short-term technology loans. These loans are intended to support the academic and business needs of The College, with academic needs taking precedence when there are competing requests for the same equipment. The Loaner Pool currently includes: Apple and Windows notebooks, data projectors, screens, video and DSLR cameras, tripods, a small P.A. System, and Apple power and video adapters.

Equipment Loaner Pool Guidelines

  1. Equipment shall only be released to Pomona College faculty, staff or students. Borrowers must show a Pomona College ID.

  2. Equipment requests should be made at least one business day in advance. Same day requests may be considered, but equipment availability is not guaranteed.

  3. Equipment requests can be made up to two weeks in advance.

  4. Equipment requests and pick-ups must be between the hours of 8 a.m. and 5 p.m., Monday through Friday.

  5. The borrower agrees to assume financial responsibility for lost, stolen or damaged equipment. A signed Technology Loan Agreement must accompany every request. Your Department (faculty/staff) or your Student Account (students) may be billed in event of loss or damage.

  6. All equipment should be returned in essentially the same condition it was in when it was borrowed. All cases, covers, cables and other paraphernalia should be returned intact. A document listing all of this equipment will be given to the lender at the time of checkout. This list will be used to verify that all items have been returned.

  7. Equipment will normally be loaned for academic purposes or college-related business. Non-laptop equipment may be borrowed for up to one week. Students may borrow laptops for up to two weeks. Faculty and Staff may borrow laptops for up to one week. An extension may be requested to accommodate travel to conferences or other extended absences from campus. Approval of an extension is subject to the advance availability of the item(s) borrowed.

  8. Equipment may not be continuously re-borrowed. The borrower should return the equipment for a period at least equal to the original loan period. For example, a laptop may be borrowed for a week, returned for at least a week, and then will be eligible to be borrowed again by the same individual.

  9. Equipment may not be scheduled multiple times in advance within one transaction. For example, you may not schedule a loaner laptop for use once a week for several months in a row.

  10. Equipment is intended for short-term loans.  If you need a longer term loan due to financial hardship, please contact the Dean of Students Office; there may be grants or other forms of assistance available.


To request equipment, please fill out the Equipment Request form.