Remote Telephone Services

How to access your voice mailbox remotely

  1. Dial 621-8555 and follow the prompts.

  2. Enter the * key when prompted.

  3. Enter your 5-digit campus extension when prompted for your ID.

  4. Press the # key.

  5. When prompted, enter your mailbox PIN/Password

Instructions for accessing voice mail and other telephone information can be located by going to :

How to request voicemail to e-mail service

Voice mail to e-mail notification can be requested by filling out a Helpdesk ticket and submitting it to the campus telephone office.

To fill out a Helpdesk ticket, go to:

This form may also be used to request a voice mailbox to be deleted, a new mailbox built or to request a voice mailbox PIN to be reset.

Please note that if your campus extension is forwarded to a cell number, messages will not be left in your campus mailbox. Voice mail to e-mail notification can be programmed to route messages to both your voice mailbox and your e-mail, or e-mail only. Indicate your preference on your request form. If you have messages route to both your voice mailbox and your e-mail, you must remember to delete messages from both locations.

How to forward a Cisco office phone to a cell phone

If you are on campus at your Cisco phone, you may forward to an off-campus number by pressing the FWD ALL button on the phone and then keying in the off campus number.

Remember to enter a 9 first, followed by the phone number, then hang-up. If you are off campus and need to have your extension forwarded, submit your request to the campus phone office via a Helpdesk ticket and we will be happy to forward your line.

To submit a Helpdesk ticket, go to:

Remote Phone Services How to request Jabber

What is Jabber: Jabber is an application that runs on your computer that ties into the TCCS phone system. It emulates your office phone extension allowing you to answer and make calls from your Pomona extension.

To request Jabber, please submit your request on a Helpdesk ticket by going to:

Please provide the following information when submitting your request:


  • Name and email address

  • 5 digit extension for primary line

  • Types of devices wanting configured for use:

    • Desktop (Windows or Mac)

    • Android phone

    • iPhone

    • Tablet (iPad or Android)

  • Additional 5 digit extensions you want programmed for desktop Jabber clients (up to 8 total including primary)

Please note that it is important to provide all requested information in order to process our submission in a timely manner, thank you.