File Storage with Box

Box provides easy-to-use unlimited cloud storage for Pomona College faculty, staff and students. With Box, you can securely create or upload any file type from any device, share them using a direct link, invite others to collaborate, and revise and review your files from anywhere.

Each Pomona College student, faculty, and staff member is eligible for a Box account. Your account has an unlimited amount of storage. There is a 15 GB single file size limitation.

Department and project accounts are also available by contacting ITS. Both types of accounts are administered by ITS, who will assign co-owners to the account. These accounts exist indefinitely, even if a co-owner leaves Pomona College or is otherwise taken off the account.

Activating Your Account

If you are new to Pomona College, log in to the Campus Portal and look for the Box link to get your account created (for students the link will be in Computing and Email). Once your account is created, you should receive an account activation email to activate your account. After activating your account, log into Pomona College’s Box using Claremont Colleges Single-Sign On (SSO). To sign in, choose Pomona College from drop down list and enter your Pomona username and password. If you are already logged into another Pomona College application, you will be able to access Box without having to enter your credentials again.  If you have not received a Box account activation email, or if your invitation to join has expired (14 days after the email), please contact ITS.

 Getting Started

Once registered with Box, we suggest reviewing Box Support’s Getting Started for Beginners article. Other useful articles to help acclimate yourself to Box include:

In addition, Box offers courses on Box through Box University. To view available courses, select “Login with Box” on Box University’s homepage, then select “Use Single Sign On (SSO),” then enter your Pomona College email address. To sign in, choose Pomona College from drop down list and enter your Pomona username and password. Once logged in you will find a number of courses. We recommend new users complete the Box Education New User Course Series which will take you through several basic Box courses.

General Tips

When using Box to collaborate with others, try to limit the number of files in your folder and keep them well organized. If you have too many files, Box’s online version will split the files onto several pages making it difficult to find files. Box does, however, have a nice search feature, so it is helpful to be descriptive in your file naming. For example, putting the date as part of the file works well if you need to search by date. Finally, wherever you create file names, try to use underscores and dashes rather than spaces as many software files don’t recognize file names with spaces.