Acronyms and Lingo

In the course of our work, we may throw around a number of acronyms and terms related to Pomona College, The Claremont Colleges, technology, regulations, etc. To help decode it all, here is a list. If you don’t see something in the list, please add it.

Suggestion: If you can easily find it by doing a quick search on Google or Wikipedia, there’s no need to put it here, unless there are multiple uses for the acronym/term or you just feel it would be really helpful to have it here.


1887: account type: shared student accounts, legacy (may go away?)

4747: account type: staff

5150: account type: rando (non-Pomona students, grad student helpers, etc)

5Cs: The 5 undergraduate Claremont Colleges

7Cs: All 7 Claremont Colleges


AARC: Asian American Resource Center

ABLP: Advisory Board of Library Planning

AcadTS: Windows remote desktop, aka: terminal server

Acalog: Academic Catalog Management System (DigiArc), course catalog

ACD: Automatic Call Distribution, aka: Fonality, HUD

AD: Active Directory, Microsoft’s directory service for managing user and computer accounts

ADC: Academic Deans Committee

AdminTS: Windows remote desktop, aka: Terminal Server

AISO: Administrative Information Systems Office

ALL: Asian language and literature

APC: brand of UPS, company that services them

APC: Academic Procedures Committee

AppData: Windows. Stores the path to a folder containing user-specific files that applications install.

Archive One: Outlook archiving (?)

ASPC: Associated Students of Pomona College -


BCM: see Bradford

BFAC: Business and Financial Affairs Committee

BFS: Bernard Field Station

BitBucket: Source code repository for ITS (Atlassian)

BitLocker: Microsoft Windows disk encryption

Blackbaud: fundraising SaaS, same company makes Raisers Edge

Blackboard: emergency notification, payments, card locks, LMS

Blackboard Transact (?): payment system (Claremont Cash, Flex, meal plans, etc)

blogs.pomona: public course discussion websites

BMC: company that makes Footprints

Bomgar: possible remote support tool for CS

Box: cloud file storage

Bradford: the network access control (NAC) server that we use to register devices on our network. Bradford was acquired by Fortinet, who renamed the product “FortiNAC” but we still call it “Bradford”.


CAB: Change Advisory Board

CampusLabs: CollegiateLink, ComplianceAssist, BaseLine

Canvas: alternative consortial LMS

CARS: old name for Jenzabar (CARS Info Systems)

CAS: Central Authentication Service, for Single Sign-On (SSO)

CashNet: payment service (Higher One)

Casper: remote application management

Catertrax: catering software

CDO: Career Development Office

CETR - Combined Educational Technology Resources, and is the ITOC for desktop support. Previously called DUST (Desktop User Support Team)

CGU: Claremont Graduate University

Chirps: student email list

CINE: Claremont Intercampus Networking Effort, obsolete SSID

Cirrus: SSO authentication software (SAML, CAS apps)

Citrix: virtual desktop/workspace

CLAC: Consortium of Liberal Arts Colleges -

Claremont Cash: Blackboard payment system

CM: Change Management

CMC: Claremont McKenna College

CMDB: Configuration Management Database, currently used for inventory

CMS: Configuration Management System or Content Management System

Cognos: analytics software (IBM) used for Data Warehouse

collections.pomona: media libraries and searchable indices (WordPress)

CollegiateLink: Maximizing your campus ROI

Compliance Assist: Raising the bar across your institution

Connect 5: emergency notification system, SMS-phone-email (Blackboard)

CPET: Center for Pedagogy and Educational Technology

CPP: Crash Plan Pro, our backup solution for laptops and desktops

CPT: Curricular Practical Training, temp employment authorization for F-1 visa holders

CrashPlan: cloud backup service

CS: Client Services

CTA: Contact Tracing Application

CUC: Claremont University Consortium, the old name for TCCS

CX: our current student information system, made by Jenzabar

CXID: Jenzabar ID, 8digit number on Pomona ID card, aka: Pomona College ID, ID Number


Data Warehouse: corporate data, document collections, analytics

DC: domain controller (AD)

DGC: Data Governance Committee

DH: Digital Humanities

DHC: Daily Health Check form

DOC: Office of the College Dean

Domain: everything in AD

DR: disaster recovery

Drupal: content management system (CMS) for the centralized Pomona site


EAI: a service like Gartner (probably unused)

Eatec: food service inventory

EBSS: Enterprise Business Systems Services (of The Claremont Colleges Services)

EC: Faculty Executive Committee

ECAB: Emergency Change Approval Board

ECRP: Emergency Change Request Process

EdTech: generic/overarching term for all technology use in education

Educause: organization, conference

Eduroam: multi-campus wireless login

ELI: Educause Learning Initiative, collaborative community

Embark: museum collections management system

EMC: vendor of VMX storage

EMS: Event Management System - room reservations, calendar, aka: emsweb

Endpoint Protection: SCCM antimalware and Firewall policies

ERP: Enterprise Resource Planning, sometimes used as a generic term for systems like Jenzabar

ES: Executive Staff (reporting to President)

Expert Profile: aka: Faculty Profile


FERPA: Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act

fit-gap analysis: compare capabilities to needs. Part of task-technology fit theory (TTF)

FluidReview: online application management system, by SurveyMonkey

Footprints: service management system (legacy)

FreshService: service/change management system for ITS


GAL: Global Address List, email aliasing (?)

Gartner: an expensive service accessed through the portal

gChat: Google brand of IM

GDPR: General Data Privacy Regulation, a European law passed in 2016 that came into force May 25, 2018.

Gibson: Campus Location for south campus network Main distribution frame (MDF), Former dinning hall turned computer lab, turned dorm. (some sort of critical network device that rats like to eat)

GPO: Group Policy Object, part of Microsofts IntelliMirror technologies

GroupMe: text messaging app, member of the Skype family (Microsoft), used for NS internal communications, staff-wide alerts


H: drive: Windows network drive

Hahn Grant: teaching with technology projects

Handshake: 7C CDO tool, used for alumni and job recruiting

HHB: Hamilton Health Box. Pandemic healthcare partner for the college

HIPAA: Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

HMC: Harvey Mudd College

HPC: High Performance Computing

hunter.pomona: internal name server


IACC: Intercollegiate Academic Computing Committee, consortial technology group, was same as SAT

IAM: Identity and Access Management

ICT: Information and Communication Technology

IdM: Identity Management - passwords and accounts

IM: Instant Messaging, generic (but often in ref to AOLs brand: AIM)

InCommon: See about InCommon

Inferno: core Claremont router at HMC

Interfolio: letters of recommendation service, used by CDO

Internet2: A community providing cloud solutions, research support, and services tailored for Research and Education. See about internet2

IRC: Internet Relay Chat

IronPort: spam filter service (Cisco)

IRT: Instructional and Research Technology

IS: Information Systems

IT@TCC: an updated, single, unified technology solution to serve all institutions within The Claremont Colleges

ITC: Information Technology Committee, one member from each college (defunct?)

ITG: Instructional Technology Group, aka: Instructional and Research Services

ITIL: Information Technology Infrastructure Library

ITOC: Information Technology Operations Committee

ITSC: Information Technology Steering Committee ” IACC reports to them

ITSM: IT Service Management


Jenzabar: the publisher of our current student information system

JICS: Jenzabar Internet Campus Solution - The Portal, aka: CX, CARS, ERP, my.pomona. JICS is the (inseparable) web front end of ERP


KACE: Dell asset management appliance

Kaltura: video service, lecture capture

Kanopy: movie streaming service through CCDL

KB: Knowledge Base

KCS: Knowledge Centered Support

KGI: Keck Graduate Institute

KMS: Key Management Server

Kronos: timecard software


LACOL: Liberal Arts Consortium for Online Learning -

LDAP: Lightweight Directory Access Protocol

LeonardoLABS: thesis database, now in collections.pomona

LGN: Low Grade Notifications, a locally developed feature within CX

LiveSafe: emergency notification software (location tracking?)

Los Nettos: consortial ISP -

LTI: learning tools integration


matrics: matriculating students

Maui: software used by Business Office

Messages, Apple: brand of IM, also SMS client

Messenger, Facebook: brand of IM

Messenger, Windows: brand of IM, now: Skype

MISO: Merged Information Services Organization (library/IT survey)

MOSD: Message of the Day (Sakai)

MS: Microsoft

myMail: Office 365, student email

MyRoc: remote application access for Advancement


Nagios: monitoring

NAS: Network Attached Storage

Net Partner: financial aid, front end to PowerFaids

NetIQ: Identity Management product (legacy)

NewVideo: media databases: music, FLRC, other?

NGDLE: Next Generation Digital Learning Environment

Nolij: document management software

NS: Network Services


OCAC - Office of Consortial Academic Collaboration (contact:

OnBase: document management software for the college (Hyland)

OneDrive: cloud file storage (Microsoft). Students get 1Tb with Office 365.

OpenDNS - See Umbrella

OU: Organizational Unit. the smallest unit of AD Group Policy


PACRP: Pre-Approved Change Request Process

PaperCut: print management

PAYS: Pomona College Academy for Youth Success - underrepresented high school students

PCI: Payment Card Industry, in ref to data security standards

PERMs Request: a request for permission to enroll in a restricted and/or closed course

PII: personally identifiable information

PIR: Post-implementation Review

pommatric: role assigned to matriculating students (matrics) in CX

PowerFaids: financial aid software

PreReg: student pre-registration period for Fall/Spring

Presto Print: printing lookup service, iOS printer connection?

PTZ: Pitzer College


Qualtrics: survey software

QuickMate: Windows interface for CARS (Jenzabar)


Raisers Edge: Revolutionizing Donor Prospecting

RDC: Windows Remote Desktop Client

RDP: Remote Desktop Protocol (Microsoft)

research.pomona: personal and project websites

RFC: Request for Change

RI: Rapid Identity. Identity management system for the college

RITG: Research & Instructional Technology Group

RightAnswers: old knowledgebase software. Data was migrated to Footprints.

RIS: Remote Installation Services (AD)

RLL: Romance Language and Literature


SA: Study Abroad

SaaS: Software as a Service, aka: cloud-based, website

Sakai: consortial learning management system, aka: the LMS

SAN: Storage Area Network

SAT: consortial technology group, focused on Sakai (?), same as IACC

SCCM: System Center Configuration Manager, Microsoft version of Casper

scheduler.pomona: scheduling service (WordPress)

SCR: Scripps College

Service Catalog: all IT services that can be performed (portlet)

Service Portfolio: service catalog inside Footprints (?)

Shib: Shibboleth, single sign-on protocol

SIS: student information system (such as Jenzabar)

Skype: Microsoft messaging services

Slack: communication/info storage service

Slate: admissions/application software

Slate ID: used for application

SMO: Server Management Objects. Microsoft SQL Server

SMO: Software Maintenance Order, Jenzabar

SSID: Service Set Identifier, wifi network name

SSO: Single Sign-on

SSPR: Self Service Password Reset (NetIQ), aka: Identity Management, IdM

SURP: Summer Undergraduate Research Program


Tab Lab: Tableau workshop

Tableau: analytics software

TCCS: The Claremont Colleges Services

terminal server: Windows remote desktop and application access

Terra Dotta: study abroad portal/service

TMA: SaaS work order system for facilities

TPCRP: Third-Party Change Request Process

TSL: The Student Life, newspaper

TTF: task-technology fit theory: IT is more likely to work if capabilities match the tasks


UltiPro: HR software

Umbrella: Cisco DNS service Umbrella

UNC: Universal Naming Convention (Windows)

UPS: Uninterrupted Power Source

user space: networked file system, tied to network ID

username: Pomona login and email address, aka: Network ID, login


vBrick: old video streaming service

VDI: Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

Video47: video streaming, via Sakai

VM: vitural machine/server

VMCN: ____ (numbered servers related to VMs?)

VMware: a brand of virtualization (EMC/Dell)

VNX: storage array brand name

VPN: Virtual Private Network

VPS: Virtual Private Server


WASC: Western Association of Schools and Colleges

WD: Workday; HCM/Financials, Student Information System?

Web Kiosk: Embark website software

WebTMA: facilities service request software

whack-a-mole: script that fixes permissions... or something

WordPress: CMS, indepentent sites

Workday: accounting software


XMPP: Extensible Messaging and Presence Protocol - chat protocol, aka: Jabber

XSEDE: Extreme Science and Engineering Discovery Environment. successor to NSFs TeraGrid