What is Hypothes.is?

Hypothes.is is a social reading and annotation tool that helps develop comprehension and critical thinking about course materials. 

Why use it?

Writing in the margins has always been an essential activity for students. Annotation helps in reading comprehension and in developing critical thinking about course materials. Hypothesis enables students to continue this essential activity with online readings. Digital annotation also offers new affordances, enabling students to respond to text using different media and empowering them to collaborate on understanding and developing ideas about their readings.

How do I get started?

Hypothesis is now integrated within Sakai. You simply select it as an external tool via the Lessons tool to begin creating Hypothesis-enabled content. For step-by-step instructions check out the video tutorial on How to Use the Hypothes.is LMS App with Lessons in Sakai. For written instructions on how to add the Hypothes.is external tool, please see How to Add Tools to a Sakai Site.

How do I get help?

ITS Staff is available to answer your questions and meet you for a consultation and/or group training, if needed. We can help brainstorm ideas for using Hypothes.is in your teaching based on your specific needs and discipline. Simply reach out to servicedesk@pomona.edu.

Help from Hypothes.is

Hypothes.is, offers a wealth of information on its website — from model assignments, product tutorials, partner workshops, and much more! Visit the Educator Resource Guide for more details. Please see Hypothes.is tutorials for more how-to and help guides.