External Tool (LTI)

What is the External Tool (LTI)?

The External Tool (LTI) allows you to include tools that support the IMS Basic Learning Tools Interoperability standard in your sites. TheExternal Tool (LTI) launch protocol securely sends user, site, and role information to the external tool using the OAuth (www.oauth.net) security mechanism.

The site owner or the system administrator can configure this tool. If the system administrator pre-configures an External Tool, it appears in the list of tools like any other tool that can be added to the site by the site owner via Edit Tools in Site Info.

For more information or assistance, please contact your local support team. For more details on the technical aspects of the IMS LTI standard, go to www.imsglobal.org.

To access this tool, select External Tool (LTI) from the Tool Menu in your site.


How do I configure the External Tool (LTI) settings?

Go to External Tool (LTI).

Select the External Tool (LTI) from the Tool Menu of your site.

Click on Edit.


When you enter the External Tool initially, you will see a message saying that it has not yet been configured.

Click on the Edit icon in the upper right hand corner of the tool, near direct link and Help icons.

Configure the External Tool settings.


The site owner can set up a link to any external tool by configuring the External Tool (LTI) manually. When you make arrangements with an external tool provider, they will provide you with a launch URL for the tool, key, and a secret. These values must be entered as part of the configuration of the tool. Make sure not to reveal these values to the other members of the site. Once you have entered these values into the tool, it can properly sign launch requests. Site members who are not site owners cannot see the configuration screen for the tool.

Display options.


You can indicate the button text and tool title location here. You may also select an icon for the tool from the Choose an icon for this tool drop-down menu.

Gradebook settings.


If you want the tool to send information to the Gradebook, you can enter a gradebook item here. Or, you can select an existing gradebook item from the drop-down menu.

Optional Launch window information.


You can select to open the tool in a new window, or set the iframe to a particular size. You may also opt to set it to "Debug Launch" which displays the launch data and can be helpful in troubleshooting the tool configuration.

User Information


The External Tool (LTI) configuration also includes the ability to send or suppress user identity information to the external tool such as the user's name or email address. In addition, you can set the frame size, as well as the button and title text for the tool from the configuration screen. (If the tool you are working with was created by a system administrator, they may have already pre-configured and locked a number of the configuration options for the tool.)

Storing Tool Settings. (Optional)


This option allows the external tool to store and retrieve its own settings.

Splash Screen. (Optional)


If you would like to display custom text to users before they are redirected to the external tool, you may enter it here.

Note: This field is plain text only. HTML is not allowed.

Custom launch parameters. (Optional)


If you would like to add custom launch parameters, you may do so here.

Click Update Options to save your configuration settings.