ITS employs several methods of training about technology.


The ITS staff periodically provides workshops on productivity tools like MS Office. Contact the ITS Service Desk for information about upcoming events.

One-on-One Tutorials

ITS staff provide assistance at staff and faculty members’ desktops. Contact the ITS Service Desk to make inquiries.

Online Resources

Pomona College students, faculty and staff looking for software and application training online have several options:


Hoonuit, a 24/7 Online Learning Resources system, is now available to all Pomona students, faculty and staff on the Pomona Portal under Applications.

Hoonuit from Atomic Learning provides flexible, just-in-time learning via tutorial videos on over 250 technology packages, including Microsoft Office, Google, and Adobe Creative Suite applications. Topics are subdivided into small sections and presented in videos of one or two minutes in length, so learners can quickly and easily find the specific training they need.

If your team or department needs to learn a new skill, Hoonuit offers the ability to create learning groups to which you can assign or recommend courses. The “Easy Links” Feature enables you to select modules and create customized tutorial lists for your use or that of your learning groups.

Adobe Creative Cloud Tutorials

The Adobe website provides an excellent library of online tutorials for the Adobe Creative Cloud apps, complete with video instruction and sample files. These can be found by visiting the Adobe Support page.

Mango Languages

Want to learn a new language? Mango Languages currently offers over 60 languages plus several English courses geared for non-English speakers. Mango Languages is currently available for all Pomona Faculty, Staff, and Students.

Access to Mango Languages is available via the Pomona Portal. If you are using Mango Languages for the first time, you will need to visit the FLRC in Mason Hall 101 to create an account.

While Pomona College no longer has a subscription to, you can still gain access to this online resource from the Los Angeles County Public Library system.  Visit your local branch, such as the Claremont Public Library, to sign up for a library card (if you do not have one already) and then visit the LA County Public Library website at to create your account.